Integration Solutions

Integration of electrical or mechanical equipment into existing plant manufacturing lines, industrial complexes or research testing facilities is a cornerstone service provided by C&H Merrill. Some of the key benefits to integration include…

  • Increased Production
  • Decreased Labor Costs
  • Stable Reliability and Repeatability
  • Better Quality Control
Air valve for Hydraulic system

C&H Merrill Integration Capabilities

Integration is directly coupled with Engineering and Automation Services. Through engineering we can integrate electrical, mechanical or a combination of both into your plant or research laboratory in order to provide the key benefits noted above. Integration of electrical equipment such as control or power panels, electrical motors or Human Machine Interfaces (HMI) can realize key benefits. Introduction of special machinery, hydraulic or electrical power systems to replace manual systems are steadfast routes to benefits and costs savings.

Integrating Electrical Equipment:C&H Merrill can integrate electrical equipment such as control systems, electrical motors, servo motors, Variable Frequency Drives, and Input/Output modules for field point control for valves, solenoids, relays etc.

Integrating Mechanical Equipment: We can integrate mechanical systems or components to include special machinery. We can also integrate hydraulic, pneumatic or vacuum power systems for large loads and for accurate positioning or translation.

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