Design-Build Overview

C&H Merrill, Inc. has a licensed, insured and experienced engineering staff capable of tackling just about any engineering project. We can successfully tackle the most unique and complex projects.

With C&H Merrill, You Receive

  • Well-thought-out designs and plans
  • Cost-saving analysis from FEA to FMEA
  • Years of experience and applications
  • Well-documented product and testing
  • On-site engineers at installation
photo 6

Self Leveling Wheelchair Lift, Pier 4, Boston Harbor

Engineering & Design Specialties

C&H Merrill, Inc. specializes in the design of Automated Machinery, Ultra High Vacuum Systems, Lifting and Material Handling Equipment, Hydraulic and Pneumatic Systems and Power Units and Electrical Systems and Control. The engineering of these systems is supported by our capabilities including:

photo 4

Ship to Shore Gangway, Cerrejon, Colombia SA

Engineering Tools and Capabilities

C&H Merrill, Inc. has extensive engineering capabilities. These include years of experience using tools such as Parametric 3d Modeling, Finite Element Analysis, state of the art math modeling programs and years of electrical control design. Typically the end result is a highly detailed production drawing package that includes assembly, test and installation.

photo 5

Ferry Boat Landing, Orlando FL

Finite Element Analysis (FEA)

FEA eliminates the guessing and speeds up the design. With FEA reactions such as stress, deflection, heat transfer, modal frequencies, and buckling can be evaluated quickly and easily with the integration of 3d models. This saves time by eliminating extensive testing on the assembly floor.

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