Custom Products

C&H Merrill products are tailored to our customers’ specifications. This ensures that they get exactly what they want. Many of our products fall under the five categories listed below, but do not hesitate to call if there is something you need that you don’t see listed below. We have the ingenuity to design & innovate just about anything out there.

  • Actuated Gangways & Bridges
  • Rotating Bridges
  • Self Leveling Wheelchair Lifts
  • Ultra High Vacuum (UHV) Systems
  • Electric Control Panels
  • Machine Design & Build

Self Leveling Wheelchair Lifts

Our custom designed, self-leveling wheel chair lifts are fully automated for marine access. This product is capable of handling tides resulting in gangway angles up to 22 degrees and features an all aluminum construction for corrosion resistance. Some of the key benefits to this system are:

  • Fully automated system with battery backup for power outages.
  • Capable of handling tides resulting in gangway angles up to 22 degrees.
  • Gangway can be used for both foot and wheel chair traffic.
  • Send and call stations at both ends of gangway.
  • Designed to ANSI/ASME standards for Wheel Chair Lifts.
ada lift
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Rotating & Actuating Gangways

Marine Access Equipment provided by C&H Merrill is either electric over hydraulic or electrically actuated. All structures are made from marine grade aluminum for strength and corrosion resistance. Actuated gangways provide struggle-free access to ships and boat slips. With a push of a button, both can be landed or raised out of the way so you can get underway.

The rotating gangway is a fully automated, operator-station controlled bridge with a center pin design. It is hydraulically powered for smooth action and comes with a secured operator control station and a 30 second open and close time. The aluminum construction additionally provides corrosion resistance.

photo 12

Ship to Shore Gangway, Cerrejon, Colombia SA

Bascule Bridges

Our single-leaf bascule bridges provide ship and boat access for pedestrian and automobile traffic crossings. Some of the key benefits for this product include:

  • All aluminum construction and chromed steel cylinder rods for corrosion resistance.
  • Pendant operated for easy operation both shore and ship side.
  • Leak proof valves to prevent lowering over time for hydraulic models.
  • Battery back-up for continuous operation (accumulator models only).
  • Easily hidden and maintained hydraulic power units.

Ultra High Vacuum

C&H Merrill, Inc. provides custom designed and fabricated high and ultra-high vacuum systems. This allows our customers the flexibility required for their research or production solutions. The features of this product include:

  • All stainless steel construction.
  • Both pressure and vacuum rated chambers.
  • Internal, automated material handling system.
  • Fully automated control systems to run valves.
  • Magnetron and Cathodic Arc Discharge Systems.
photo 7

UHV for NASA’s Marshall Flight Center

Control Panels for Automation

Our electrical control panels are custom designed and produced to ensure they fit your needs. From simple motor starters to complex, multi-point I/O and servo motor drives, C&H Merrill, Inc. can provide power and control for your industrial or research solutions.


Control Panel, Schulmberger

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